Storm Damage

If your home has been damaged by storms and water intrusions, it is vitally important to begin recovery immediately. Without immediate response, you risk additional damage as water continues to seep into walls, floors and furniture. Any delays could potentially lead to structural damage and mold growth.
123Restore Inc. is a 24/7 water restoration and extraction services, our experienced crew will rush to your premises to get the water restoration and damage mitigation process under way.

Our Storm Restoration Services include:

  • * Water Extraction
  • * Dehumidification Structure
  • * Carpet Drying
  • * Odor Removal Pack Out, Barcoding, Moving
  • * Secure Storage of Contents Complete Furniture
  • * Content Restoration Insurance Claims Accepted

Document and Media Recovery

Whether caused by a hurricane, flood, plumbing issues, sprinkler leaks or fire suppression, water damage is a home owners nightmare. The first priority is always the safety of you and your family and then concentrating on restoring life back to normal as soon as possible.
In addition to the damage to the structure itself, the contents of your home are also at risk. One priority that is often overlooked is the potentially irreparable damage to records, documents, film and electronic media. Depending on the documents, this damage can lead to the loss of critical information and potential legal issues.
Response time is paramount in saving documents. The first 48 hours are critical, and preselecting a restoration provider helps ensure that this time frame is met. Any delay can result in permanent loss as inks break down and mold and mildew begin to grow.
123Restore Inc. has years of experience in disaster recovery and offers the expertise and technology needed for full document and media restoration.

Document/Media Recovery Process

The liquid state is where damage occurs. It is also the stage that causes microbial growth. Freeze-drying addresses both issues.
The sublimation of freeze-drying takes water from its frozen, solid state straight to a gaseous state without going through the interim liquid state. This process avoids further damage and halts microbial growth.
Our sixth-generation freeze-drying chambers feature the quickest processing time to remove water/excess moisture from papers and collections. We offer many other state-of-the-art services to assure complete, safe and secure document recover. This includes decontamination and sanitization, reproduction of badly damaged or contaminated medial, reprocessing of film or magnetic media, certified destruction when needed and secure storage of all contents.

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