Mold Remediation

Mold is what causes that awful, musty smell to emanate from your basement, garage or other damp areas of your home. It consists of microorganisms that disperse into the air to be inhaled by inhabitants of the home. In addition, these microorganisms have the potential to cause more problems that staunch odors. Some varieties such as Stachybotrys, commonly referred to as BLACK MOLD, have even been linked to toxic disorders.
Whether your environmental needs are complex or simple, 123Restore Inc. is a full- service mold Remediation firm. With a certified staff and reasonable pricing, we pride ourselves on the ability to solve your mold and indoor air quality problems quickly and economically.
Mold and water damage problems have become a major issue in the last few years for real estate transactions, homeowners, landlords, and property managers. Failure to address these serious issues has resulted in countless litigation cases, mold-related health problems, as well as lost revenues.
We specialize in investigating mold and water damage, as well as remediation (removal) of the problems that exist based on the findings. With licensed general contractors, on our staff, we also offer reconstruction services, if desired. We do a great deal of work for several property management firms, homeowners, and real estate agents in the Atlanta area. Our experience in providing environmental services for our clients enables us to obtain results quickly and thoroughly, resulting in a smooth and seamless transition back to normal life.
If you need an environmental company that can deliver swift results at reasonable prices, call 123Restore Inc. today.

Click here to see CDC recomendations on how to get rid of Mold

24/7 Emergency Service Response

123Restore Inc. provides nationwide emergency service response for Commercial Clients as the most experienced Large Loss Specialist in the Industry. We deliver the highest quality, most consistent, large loss commercial restoration service in Atlanta area. With our ability to respond rapidly to most any location in Georgia, 123Restore Inc. crews can deliver the service you need, when you need it, performed with excellence, while saving you thousands of dollars on every job.
Become a 123Restore Inc. Client and you’ll arm your team with the resources knowledge to minimize losses when disaster strikes.

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